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What We Do


Just a one-time donation
and 80% goes to you. With our unique
pass up system you can receive unlimited
passups/unlimited donations from your organization.

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We have two earning structures.

The first structure is 4 wide.
Company forced. You pass up your 2nd and 4th.
You can potentially Receive pass-ups from above and below.
Earning unlimited donations.

The second structure is a company

Upon funding your donation you’re placed in two structures at the same time. One is the pass-up platform The second is the reverse platform. The reverse structure is funded by all upgrades 5% is added to the company pool. In the reverse platform You’re placed in the bottom of our 2×8 structure. This fills from the bottom all the way to the top. Once filled payouts are sent automatically to all those in the second structure. Donations earned in our reverse structure are paid out in percentages.
Whatever level you land in the reverse structure you will share the pool donations with everyone else on the same level as you. After the payouts are done in our reverse structure it clears and is again filled with our new donators immediately. So that our new affiliates can receive from our company pool.

The percentages on the donations of our reverse structure is as follows

1st level: 27% of the company pool shared with 2 people
2nd level: 22% of the company pool is shared with 4 people
3rd level: 17% of the company pool is shared with 8 people
4th level: 12% of the company pool is shared with 16 people
5th level: 10% of the company pool is shared with 32 people
6th level: 6% of the company pool is shared with 64 people
7th level: 4% of the company pool is shared with 128 people
8th level: 2% of the company pool is shared with 256 people

This keeps our new members excited as they will be placed in this structure
and receiving company donations from everyone in our platform.
You can donate to our platform with crypto only. You will also receive donations
with crypto. Bitcoin wallets help you receive and send cryptocurrencies. Now you can easily trade Bitcoin through trading bots. New trading bots are launched every year by different software developing firms. In the year 2017, cryptohopper was launched. Is cryptohopper legit and suitable for your lifestyle? Learn yourself.

Video on the reverse structure: Where it says: Prefessional IT services. We need the video to pop up on the website. We don’t want them leaving our website. So please make every video open up like a pop up. They can pause and close it at anytime.
Doubleup crowdfunding provides you with an easy to navigate, a totally automated dashboard that displays everything in real-time to allow you to monitor your donations second by second. The Doubleup system has built-in safeguards that keep your crowdfunding activities protected and the system cannot be manipulated.




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